[Fwd: MCAS pelagic highlights 19 May]

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Rob and all- The Brown Booby was the 4th for MEN, as was the Black Tern.
The Baird's Sandpiper found by Cheryl Watson on Virgin Cr Beach was only
our 2nd spring record. Incidentally, that bird was still there at 815
today when Barbara and I saw it north of the creek and south of the first
tongue of rocks that extend down onto the beach. The bird was foraging
above the Sanderlings, etc.


Hi all,
Today, John Sterling, Todd Easterla, and I had the pleasure of leading the
annual spring Mendocino Coast Audubon Society Fort Bragg pelagic. It's been
a long day so I'm just going to post a short list of the highlights.

BROWN BOOBY: 1 subadult was found 2.4 miles offshore from the nearest point
of land (Laguna Point) and was 3 miles from Noyo Harbor. The bird just all
of a sudden appeared above the boat and numerous people called it out all
at the same time. It circled the boat numerous times extremely close,
called frequently, and then headed south out of sight. Many photos taken.
Coordinates were: 3228.124 N -12351.701 W

BLACK TERN: One first spotted by Todd Easterla as it came up to the back of
the boat; only the 4th or 5th record for Mendo (as many Brown Boobies have
been seen in the county, also). Last BLTE in the county was on the May 15
pelagic in 2011. Maybe Jerry White, Chuck Vaughn, or Bob Keiffer can
confirm the number of records for these birds....

LAYSAN ALBATROSS: seen in the same vicinity as the Black Tern. Coordinates:
3929.890 N -12354.089 W.

Overall the diversity was pretty low and ocean conditions were pretty rough
with a pretty mixed swell regularly pitching the boat back and forth and
pretty high winds that died down as we were coming back in. Much
participant chumming happened.....

Good to do some pelagic birding in Mendo once again!

Rob Fowler
McKinleyville, CA


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Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
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