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About 15 minutes this Friday afternoon revealed no Dipper activity and no discernable new work.
It is a little worrisome that someone, authorized or not, has been harvesting the logs that floated down this winter and got stuck under the bridge. These are right under the nest and have included the snag the birds used as a staging area.
I hope its loss and the activity doesn't discourage them.

Jim A

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The Dipper pair were hard at work on the nest this Saturday afternoon. They are still using the splintered snag in the river just north of the bridge for a staging area.
It looks like the entrance to the nest is right on top of the girder. In the past the returning parent had to find a way to grip the vertical area below the nest. Now they may just be able to walk in.
There is lots of swallow activity along the river, but no sign of nest updating under the bridge overhang.

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