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 Is June 1st a 'summer start' for migration purposes only? More and more often, I hear people saying things like 'Memorial Day starts summer' - well, maybe the tourist season - but for years I've always thought that summer started on or around June 21st and continually remind myself of that when out shooting photos. Even fellow photographers title their shots from after Memorial Day with the word 'Summer' and call me strange, but that bugs me ;)

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Subject: [Mendobirds] Late birds along the coast
Date: Friday, June 1, 2012, 10:52 PM


Fri Jun 1, 2012--On Thurday the 31st of May (yesterday), I found several birds at Navarro Beach that would have been rare birds if I had found them today. There was a CLARK'S GREBE on the river that's listed in the, Checklist of Birds of Mendocino County, as uncommon in Spring but rare in Summer which starts today. This grebe was in the most obvious breeding plumage that I've ever seen. There were 2 RED-BRESTED MERGANSERS which are fairly common in Spring but rare in summer. There were 6 RED-BRESTED LOONS in the ocean that were common yesterday but would be rare today. Today I found a HOODED MERGANSER at Caspar Creek that would have been rare yesterday but is now exremely rare. The bird was diving and slashing around the pilings and red bricks where the creek comes out of the treed area.

Richard Hubacek

Little River

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