Spring Pelagics Mendocino County

jerry white

Based on the notes I have kept and the general knowledge I have of other pelagic trips done over the years there have been (an estimated) 20 to 25 Spring trips out of Noyo first beginning in 1985. Most all of those have been in May except for a couple of early June trips.
Significant birds that have been found are as follows; SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS two times, MURPHY'S PETREL two times, THICK-BILLED MURRE one time, MANX SHEARWATER two times, Horned Puffin once, Laughing Gull once, Franklin's Gull once, and Black Tern once. Also of course there have been a number of other interesting species seen , ,just one example being Leach's Storm-Petrels which have been recorded 2 (or more) times. Also some of those trips were excellent for whales and dolphins, etc. To keep it in perspective there were a few of those trips where I put down a one word description like ; "lousy" "bad" or "miserable". But overall these spring pelagics have been very productive and especially so the last 3 years. Thanks to Karen Havlena for all of the work she does in organizing these trips. Jerry White

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