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Sat. Apr. 28, 2012 Ospreys, new nest, Crossroads of Hwy 20 and Hwy 101, Calpella, at the north end of the parking lot on a tall lamp post, can be viewed from North State Street just south of the overpass. We've been watching it through my scope at the Waldorf school. The children are amazed.

Kelly Austin
Redwood Valley

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Sat Apr 28, 2012--I know that there are many citizen science projects going on in our area but would like to mention one more. I just found out about OspreyWatch sponsored by, The Center for Conservation Biology. They have set up a Website at

"The mission of OspreyWatch is to collect information on a large enough spatial scale to be useful in addressing three of the most pressing issues facing aquatic ecosystems including global climate change, depletion of fish stocks, and environmental contaminants."

When I looked at their map of recorded nest sites it lacked anything in our area. I've added two sites, one on the Noyo River at the boat-ramp parking lot and the one at Caspar Cemetery. They only ask you to monitor the nest 1-4 times a month. Please add more nests if you are interested. Apparently you can also add information for already listed nests so feel free to help me monitor the two that I've posted.

Richard Hubacek
Little River

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