Brewer's Sparrow (another negative)


Thurs., Apr. 26, 2012. -- I went up to Juan Creek bridge to look for the BREWER'S SPARROW, but was unable to find it. I was there from approx. 11 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. I did see the two WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS and the ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER. I walked a few hundred yards down the dirt road leading from the south side of the bridge and saw a group of sparrows that turned out to be 3 WHITE-CROWNED and 1 GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW. My disappointment was mitigated a bit by the sight of a male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT in full breeding plumage and a glimpse of a paler yellow bird that was probably his mate.

Several flocks of BROWN PELICANS flew by on their way north while I was at the bridge, in groups of approx. 20, 11 and 8.

On the home front, yesterday I saw my first BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK of the season, a handsome male, at my feeder. He was soon joined by a male PURPLE FINCH and a male AMERICAN GOLDFINCH, both in breeding plumage. Colorful times at the feeder now!

Carolyn Kinet

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