Potter Valley Dipper status?

irishcream7 <satintex@...>

I stopped yesterday on my way home from Godwit Days to check out the nesting Dippers. Time was 6 pm. To my surprise at least 50 cars were parked in the pullout area near the old bridge. Children were running everywhere. The river shoreline to the left of the bridge was covered with people. There was no way to walk along it. Even the rocks under the bridge were covered with people having picnics. The area is obviously a hot spot for families and partying on warm days. It wasn't a holiday so I suspect it may be like this every weekend and maybe even some weeknights. Makes me worried about the nesting success of the Dippers. I hope someone who lives closer can check it out this week and please report. Thanks.

Maureen O'Reilly
Hidden Valley Lake

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