Re: Brewer's Sparrow - Hwy 1, north of Westport

George Chaniot

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 -- Chuck Vaughn and I went this morning to the Juan Creek
bridge north of Westport and refound the BREWER'S SPARROW found yesterday by
Karen Havlena. We arrived at 08:48 and had the bird in view off and on from
about 09:10 to 09:40. Most of the time it was on the SE side of the bridge.
When Chuck first found it, it was foraging about 20 feet away in the middle
of the dirt road that leads down from the SE corner of the bridge. Then it
moved downhill into the coyotebush and other brush and weeds on the slope,
seeming to move with several White-crowned Sparrows. It went onto the sand
at the bottom of the gulch and then to the north side of the creek where it
spent some time foraging on the gravel of a road in the bottom of the gulch.
From there it flew west toward the bridge and perhaps underneath it. It
reappeared later from the west and spent some more time on the brushy slope
where I got telescope views of it.
A nice find, Karen.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

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