No sighting of Al, the Laysan Albatross , since March 20th.


Friday, April 13th. Though I guess it's possible we could see this bird again, I think Al has left. The last recorded day and time Al was seen was by Beth Petit on Tuesday, March 20th in the waters off Arena Cove. Al left at 3:30 pm. There was talk that crab fisherman had seen the bird off of Elk a few days later but I have no actual dates or confirmation. None of my other spotters have seen Al in several weeks. So it looks like we need to wish this special bird god speed and hope it returns in the late fall to grace us with its presence once again.

We are enjoying the return of Ospreys. They are rebuilding nests and mating and, of course, fishing. They signify spring to me. We have two nests on our road. One of them I can see through my spotting scope.

Jeanne Jackson, Anchor Bay

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