Everyone is going North except the Rock Sandpiper

Richard Hubacek

Fri Apr 6, 2012--There was a major bird movement North today as observed from Point Cabrillo. This movement consisted of continuous lines of LOONS (both PACIFIC and RED-THROATED with Pacific being more numerous). There were also CACKLING GEESE and BRANT. One large flock of geese (over 300) were flying low over the water. Parts of the flock were trying to form a "V" and the rest were irregular. I reviewed the picture and it was a mixed flock of Cackling and Brant. I have not observed this before. SURF SCOTERS were a part of the movement with many flocks going by. There were even numbers of DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS flying in "V's" going by. CASPIAN TERNS continued to move North although I saw more of them last Thursday. Even all the gulls(mostly CALIFORNIA) were moving North.

There was one bird that should have gone North already. That was a ROCK SANDPIPER that was with a small group of SURFBIRDS and BLACK TURNSTONES just West of the lighthouse. It might be the latest Rock Sandpiper for Mendocino County. It is showing some rufous in the feathers on it's back.

Richard Hubacek
Little River

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