Scattered sightings of moderate interest

Dan Airola

I've been birding mornings since Tuesday (4/3)between McKerricher S.P and Elk. I haven't seen anything outstanding, but here are a few notes of species of some interest to some perhaps:
- Brant - One bird exited water at Whiteboro Cove, south of Albion on Hwy 1
- Black-crowned Night Heron - Two roosting in early evening with Snowy Egret along Noyo River across from the main boat harbor
- Black Scoter/Harlequin Duck - 4 scoters (1 Ad M, 1 Imm M, 2 F) still at usual spot at end of Ward Ave.
- Caspian Terns - Two groups of 5 and 8 moving north past Mendocino Headlands on two different days.
-Common Murre - Est 2,100 at Bird Rock (?)at Mendocino Headlands

I dipped on the orioles at East Rose Cemetery and Nashville Warbler during two visits here. Many Rufous and Allen's Hummers at Banksia trees.

I didn't try for the reported Bobolink. Has anyone else tried or seen it?

Migrant action has been very slow, other than Orange-crowned and Wilson's Warblers. No other warblers, no migrant vireos, grosbeak, etc. I checked know Purple Martin nesting sites along Hwy 1 north of Mckerricher, Hwy 1 bridge over Noyo Harbor, and Greenwood Creek bridge.

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