Seaside Beach & Ocean Meadows MEN 3/29

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Thur, 29 March 2012 -- This morning, a LONG-BILLED CURLEW was at
Seaside Beach, just north of Ten Mile River mouth.  Not many shorebirds
frequent Seaside Beach because of the dogs brought here.  Two days ago,
a Blk-bellied Plover and a dozen Sanderlings were on the beach here.

Up at Ocean Meadows, a PEREGRINE FALCON hurled into a group of 4 Eur.
Collared-Doves, but unfortunately missed them all.  The Steller's Jay and
N Mockingbird are still coming to the yard.

Karen & Jim Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

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