Rose Memorial Park Birds.

Richard Hubacek

Wed Feb 29, 2012--This morning I was able to do some birding at Rose Memorial Park. I was able to find the first year YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER which now looks like it's going to be a female. Found a female WESTERN TANAGER (had a male two weeks ago), a continuing NASHVILLE WARBLER and the female BULLOCK'S ORIOLE. If this wasn't a Leap Year I guess we could say that these birds overwintered. Also had a MERLIN fly through to make things interesting. I did not find the (being reviewed) Baltimore Oriole but did observe what appeared to be an oriole fight in the pines near the tracks. I did not have time to chase them.

I was expecting the Banksia Trees to be a Selasphorus Mecca but found only three ANNA'S.

Richard Hubacek
Little River

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