Fort Bragg area report - 1/12

Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

12 January 2012 - Thursday - In addition to the BALTIMORE ORIOLE and other birds at the Rose Memorial Cemetery mentioned by Karen Havlena, Ryan Keiffer and I found a few other birds of interest. At Glass Beach (end of Elm Street) we saw 2 male and 3 female HARLEQUIN DUCKS in the shade of a large rock about 100 feet from shore as viewed from the southern-most public-access point along the old GP fence, as found earlier by Ollie Kolkmann and Toby Tobkin. Ryan spotted a lone white goose with Canada Geese on the far western-most grass-covered point(closed to public access), and as far as I could tell through the scope it is an adult ROSS'S GOOSE. The rocks off the Glass Beach point and northern beach had numerous Black Turnstones and Surfbirds with 1 lone Least Sandpiper.

Ten Mile Beach off Ward Avenue, Cleone, produced about 20 BLACK SCOTERS, and a handful of Surf Scoters. I thought that I saw a lone LONG-TAILED DUCK fly in and land near the scoters ... but I could never refind the bird after the initial view so I am not 100% certain. A couple RED-NECKED GREBES were offshore also, with an array of other expected species. While there, Dave Flaim showed us a great digi-scoped photo of a ROCK SANDPIPER that he had just taken from the rocky-tidal-point that juts out just south of the bluffs just west of the parking area ... so the rocks are rather SW. According to Dave, the bird was mixed with numerous Black-bellied Plovers and a few Sanderlings ... but we could not spot the Rock Sandpiper amongst them when we looked, so the bird had flown off somewhere just before we got there.

Good birding! Bob Keiffer

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