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Topping the list is a female BALTIMORE ORIOLE found by Al DeMartini in a Banksia tree at the Rose Memorial Park cemetery. Al also found a female BULLOCK's ORIOLE, a female YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, and a male NASHVILLE WARBLER in the same area. Warren Wade found a Selasphorus (Allen's?) Hummingbird there as well.

Art Morley already reported his female SUMMER TANAGER at the corner of Boice Drive and Pearl Lane.

Ron LeValley found PIGEON GUILLEMOT, CASSIN'S AUKLET, and LONG-TAILED DUCK. I don't have location details for those yet. Also, his group found an out-of-season BARN SWALLOW.

Richard Hubacek reported another CASSIN'S AUKLET (I believe this was found by Chuck Vaughn off the Mendocino Headlands) and a CALIFORNIA TOWHEE. This last was found at the same spot as last year.

Also, Dorothy Tobkin reported three MUTE SWANs but we have to figure out if they are reportable birds.

Mike Stephens found a BARRED OWL while we were all enjoying dinner.


On 1/3/2012 9:54 AM, John Sterling wrote:
so....what were the unexpected rarities????

John Sterling

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