Harris' Hawk in FB

AlbionWood <albionwood@...>

Forwarded from the Mendocino-Announce list:

A local breeder and falconer has lost a very young Harris Hawk. The bird
is very large, chocolate brown all over with a white stripe at the base
and end of its tail. The bird was bred in captivity and was being trained
for falconry purposes, but is too young to know how to fly properly and
cannot hunt for itself. It's been loose for 4 days and has about a week
before it succumbs to starvation. Anyone seeing a bird that looks like
this can call Brent at 961-0223 But, please check the colors before
calling if you have simply seen a large bird. The bird also has a band on
its leg. The bird was last seen at the south end of Fort Bragg, about two
miles east of the highway--but it can fly so might be sighted anywhere.

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