Lake Pennyroyal


Dec. 1, 2011 Today (and yesterday) I saw one common goldeneye at Lake Pennyroyal (private pond NW of Ukiah) for the first time. There were also 2 American wigeons, one Wilson's snipe, about 20 ring-necked ducks, 4 ruddy ducks, 40 coots, 4 pied-billed grebes, and one belted kingfisher (seems to be resident).

Of interest is that there were only a few osprey sightings at Lake Pennyroyal this summer, possibly because a family of river otters descended on the lake for a month the previous fall and may have decimated the fish population.

Kate Marianchild, nature writer
Currently researching and writing
Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, a book
of fascinating and little-known
facts about plants and animals
that live among the oaks;
to be published by Heyday in 2013.

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