Harris's Sparrow

Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

1 December 2011 - Thursday - Karen Havlena reports that an immature Harris's Sparrow showed up this morning at their yard at Oceanside (just north of Ten Mile River). She and Jim saw it briefly though their window ... but they have some construction wok going on right now and the yard/house is in a bit a disarray and have not been able to relocate it yet. They have a local flock of crowned-sparrows that they feed regularly, and they are hoping that the Harris's Sparrow settles in with the flock and stays for a while. If they refind the bird they will post it. If you have a huge desire to search for this bird you should call Karen at 707-972-5440 (cell). Posted for Karen by Bob Keiffer. Good birding.

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