Big Al Not Back Yet

whzerd1 <whzerd@...>

I spent 2 hours (8:45 Am - 10:45 AM) on Tuesday on the pier at the cove at Pt. Arena looking for him and he was absent. Did find some other birds: Pelagic and DC Cormorants, Western, Eared and Horned Grebes, one Red-throated Loon, a few Pacific Loons, dozens of Black Oystercatchers and some gulls which I'm not good at identifying unless they are wearing a badge. I'm reasonably certain I saw at least one Mew Gull due to small bill size.

Also seen were 6 - 8 frozen surfers - they only stayed out about an hour before they came back in.

Bill Zachman
Groveland, CA
Tuolumne County

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