Awesome day on Clear Lake!

Floyd Hayes

I spent today counting waterbirds from a motorboat with John Sterling and Bryan McIntosh along the entire perimeter of Clear Lake. We found three rare gulls. John found a subadult dark-backed gull that appears to be a VEGA GULL or SLATY-BACKED GULL (we're analyzing our photos), sitting out on the water far from shore a couple of miles north of Lakeport. Bryan and I found an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL on the docks at Redbud Park in Clearlake. And Bryan found a 3rd-cycle LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL on a piling along the southern fringe of Lakeport.

On the lagoon side of the boat launch at Oaks Beach Park John found a RED-NECKED GREBE and then I found a second beside it. I later found a third on the north side of Buckingham Point. John found a PACIFIC LOON off the beach at the south end of Clear Lake State Park and I found a second nearby. I found a female SURF SCOTER and John found three BARROW'S GOLDENEYES at the south end of Indian Island, just north of Anderson Marsh.

Floyd Hayes
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

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