Re: Varied Thrush north of Fort Bragg

Jeff Petit

October 31, 2011
We had a Varied Thrush in our yard on the ridge in Point Arena at 10 am on Halloween.  Beautiful.
Beth and Jeff Petit
Point Arena

From: Becky <>
Sent: Saturday, November 5, 2011 11:05 AM
Subject: [Mendobirds] Varied Thrush north of Fort Bragg

November 5, 2011

This morning at 9 a.m., we saw two Varied Thrush in the treetops on the Enchanted Trail between Highway 1 and Virgin Creek Beach north of Fort Bragg (State Parks trailhead on turnout on west side of Highway 1 just north of Three Rivers Charter School). First hint was the song. Also two Hairy Woodpeckers in the dead treetops with distinctive bright yellow outer tail feathers first described by Ron LeValley.

Becky Bowen

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