Long-tailed Jaeger at Clear Lake

Floyd Hayes

While canoeing on Clear Lake yesterday afternoon, Bryan McIntosh (first spotted it), Doug Weidemann, and I found a juvenile dark-morph LONG-TAILED JAEGER about a mile southeast of Lakeport. We first saw it flying from the northwest (Lakeport), cross the bow of our canoe a few hundred yards in front of us, and land on the water about a quarter of a mile away. It fed voraciously on insects floating on the lake's surface and allowed us to paddle within 100 feet for closeup photos. Twice it flushed, circling a bit the first time and landing about a quarter of a mile away toward the east, and the second time flying southward toward Long Tule Point and landing about a half mile away. I had called Jerry White and Dave Woodward, and amazingly both independently saw it in flight through telescopes from shore.

We also saw a female BUFFLEHEAD at the mouth of Kelsey Creek, presumably the same individual that I found at the north end of Clear Lake on 29 June.

On Friday the 2nd we found two different BANK SWALLOWS at the point between Manning Creek and Rumsey Slough, but yesterday there were fewer swallows and we were unable to find any Bank Swallows among them. One of Friday's birds was photographed and turned out to be a different individual than the three photographed earlier in the week (based on distinctive markings on the breast), so that makes four different Bank Swallows last week.

Floyd Hayes
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

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