request for Bald Eagle info

Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

23 August 2011 - either through Mendobirds posts or messages that I received directly, I have numerous reports of one to two adult BALD EAGLES that were
observed along the Mendocino coast from Little River south to Elk during the months of June and July. I heard rumors that a nest had been located near Albion
Ridge on private property, and that PG&E had to possible reroute some power lines near the nest. Can anyone out there confirm this nest? Any photos?

We have had a couple of nesting attempts in Mendocino County ... but thus far we have no confirmation of a nest producing and fledging young. It sounds like
this nest has promise of providing that information ... if there was an observer watching it. Please spread the word ... someone out there must know something!

You can email me directly at<> if you wish to keep the site location confidential ... I would just like to document it for the archival records.

Thanks. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

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