Winged Mirgration: Follow-up

rbharris11 <rbharris11@...>

Checked the Mendocino Headlands today for mirgrating seabirds. The loon migration continues unabated. Heavier than last reported with a rate estimated at 25-30 Pacific Loons per minute average(LPM). Interestingly, there were more mixed flocks with Common Loons mixed in with the Pacific loons as part of the formations. The size difference was marked and easy to pick out. Also, other seabirds "hitch-hiking" and drafting the big loons. Most of these birds were bringing up the rear in small groups of 2 to 8 birds. Identification difficult. Probably Scoters and Alcids (not common murres) and ???. Quite an interesting mix.

(It sure would be nice if an expert birder would go out on the headlands with a good scope and make some postive identifications as it seems some interesting migrants are going by right now. Puffins?)

Also heard yesterday 2 miles inland from the coast in Little River: drip...drip... No, not the rain, but a Swainson's thrush call. First of the year. It took me a couple of seconds to register the call note as a Swainson's but it finally sunk in. I know that call... It will be so common here this summer I don't even hear it after a while. Welcome back Mr. Swainson.

Rick Harris

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