Audubon Program with Alvaro Jaramillo

Charlene McAllister

Birds and Nature of the Southern Cone

The Southern Cone? Is that an Ice Cream place in Georgia? Nope, it is the
triangle-shaped southern section of South America. The cone includes Chile,
Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the southern bits of Bolivia and Brazil.

What makes it special is that there are so many habitats and neat areas
here, the Pampas, Patagonia, the Matorral, the Humboldt Current, Iguazu
Falls, the Yungas, the Chaco - so many spots that are truly and uniquely
South American. It is the land of Rheas, penguins, horneros, seriemas, as
well as Southern Right Whales, Marine Otters, Viscachas and Vicuñas. A part
of the world blessed with some enigmatic, unusual, beautiful and often
rather unique creatures. But what absolutely is the icing on the cake is
that the southern cone includes some of the most memorable and scenic parts
of the Americas. This includes snow-capped volcanoes, huge granitic spikes,
the big sky country of the Pampas and Patagonia and coastlines that are
perhaps only rivaled by California for their beauty. Come enjoy an evening
exploring a gorgeous part of the world and its equally fantastic bird and
wildlife through the eyes of Alvaro Jaramillo, a birder-biologist who has an
unbridled passion for this part of the world. This April 11, 2011 7 PM
meeting will be held at the Gualala Arts Center. Carpooling is encouraged.

Audubon meetings are open to everyone at no charge, however, donations to
offset the cost of presenting programs is encouraged. For further
information, go to or write to <>

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