Brandt's Cormorants Displaying

Rick Harris <birdmanofthewoods@...>

Saw my first group of Brandt's Cormorants doing full displays on Bird Island off Mendocino Headlands State Park. Doing the full arching neck display and tail spread display. No grass gathering or nest building activity yet.

Also of possible interest, large migrating flocks of White-winged scoters seen going by with what looks like some distressed birds dropping out and taking shelter in almost every cove and river I looked in. I think this steady high N-NE wind gusting to near gale force is taking its toll on the White-winged. I watched a small group of six birds in Laguna Cove at MacKerricher State Park that were oviously nearing the end of their tether. There was at least one dead WWS washed up on the beach and the survivers looked like they were just trying to hang on. A grim scene actually. The Surf Scoters on the other hand seemed to be taking it all into stride and were actually actively feeding.

Rick Harris

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