Program on Climate Change in the Arctic

Charlene McAllister

Join Mendocino Coast Audubon Society on Monday, February 21, 7 PM at Fort
Bragg Town Hall for a compelling program on climate change in the Arctic

Dr. George Divoky will present "Watching the World Melt Away: How Climate
Change is Affecting the Birds and Bears of the Arctic"

Dr. Divoky is a compelling speaker with cutting edge content and has
discussed his findings at colleges, universities and national resource
societies. He has been interviewed on Nightline, CNN, PBS and the BBC as
well as appearing on Late Night with Letterman. His discovery of a Black
Guillemot colony on a northern Alaska barrier island in 1972 began an
ongoing study of a high arctic seabird at one of the most remote locations
in North America. The island, surrounded by pack ice and covered by snow
for much of the year is home to a unique colony of seabirds that nest in
boxes and other manmade structures, allowing detailed monitoring of each
brood. Studying the Black Guillemots of Cooper Island has largely been a
solitary venture for Divoky While the discovery and initial years of the
study were part of governmental research related to oil development, for the
past two decades the work has been conducted with occasional grants and much
personal dedication. These long-term studies are rarely done by governments
and the duration of most academic research is insufficient to allow
exposition of multi-decadal trends. But this is precisely the type of data
needed to monitory the long term cycles and trends related to climate
change. Learn how the major retreat of the arctic pack ice has resulted in
the reduction of prey for the parent birds and how Polar Bears, displaced
southward by the reduction in sea ice have taken refuge on Cooper Island,
where they have reduced the birds nesting success..

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