Re: Coast Indigo Bunting

Henrietta Bensussen

Apologies to you all--the "evening" grosbeak is a black-headed grosbeak. I got my names mixed up. Jerry has been here and it was nice to meet him.

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An evening grosbeak was in our bird feeder this afternoon, also flocks of Amer. goldfinches, pine siskins, chickadees, plus a (probably) downy woodpecker on the trunk of the apple tree.
Henri Bensussen, Fort Bragg

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Subject: [Mendobirds] Coast Indigo Bunting

Greetings Mendobirders- Jerry White saw a female INDIGO BUNTING at about
10 am today. The bird was off of Rd 500B/Brewery Gulch Dr just south of
Mendocino, and about 50 yards west of Hwy 1. It was in a large mixed
flock, composed largely of Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Yellow Warblers.

Jerry White

Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA 95482


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