Black Swift - N Fort Bragg - Brant, Also Seen

K A Havlena

Thur, 3 June 2010 -- Early evening, while returning home from Ukiah and
environs, I spotted a flock of VAUX's SWIFTS over the field across Hwy 1
from the former "Fushiarama" (north of Virgin Ck and south of MacKerricher
SP main entrance).  It was barely drizzling, so I stopped and got out of the
car.  Happily, I watched a single BLACK SWIFT flying low.  That was the
2nd MEN County bird I saw today!

Luckily, I went to Ukiah having made plans with George Chaniot to venture
up to Red Mountain Camp hoping to see or hear a GREATER ROADRUNNER
where Jerry White had seen one.  We almost made it to the camp when
Geoff Heinecken called about the LEAST TERN.  We turned around and went
directly to the UWTP, seeing Chuck and Jerry driving away.  We got great looks
at the tern after only a couple of minutes.

George had to leave, so Geoff and I went back up Mill Creek Rd and walked
out Trail 8.  Fortune was NOT with us, no Roadrunner seen nor heard, and
when arriving back at the car, there were my car keys on the seat inside
the locked car.... thank goodness for cell phones.  On the other hand, I
may not have seen the Black Swift had we not had to wait for the AAA
truck to drive up the mountain and save us.

Also, the 2 BRANT were still west of Ten Mile R. bridge late this afternoon.

Karen Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, CA

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