Mendocino Audubon Program

Charlene McAllister

Mendocino Coast Audubon Society

Event Date: Monday, February 15th 7 pm

Location: Fort Bragg Town Hall

Mendocino Audubon Program: Counting Cormorants: The Benefits of Citizen

In 2007 The Sea Ranch Task Force, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land
Management and the Madrone Audubon Society, began monitoring a nesting
colony of approximately 100 nests of Brandt's Cormorant and other seabird
species on Gualala Point Island in northern Sonoma County. This was in
response to a local fireworks display that had adversely affected
reproductive success the year before. In 2008 they expanded this effort to
include aerial photographic monitoring of a second island with approximately
250 nests in southern Mendocino County.

In 2009, volunteers from Mendocino Audubon Society extended the monitoring
to a third Brandt's Cormorant Colony of about 400 nests off the Mendocino
Headlands and two Pelagic Cormorant colonies, one on Point Cabrillo and one
at the entrance to the Noyo Harbor each with about 20 nests. This
monitoring, performed primarily by local volunteers and using high
resolution photography illustrates the value and cost effectiveness of
citizen science efforts.

Ron LeValley, local biologist and photographer will talk about this project
and how it has provided valuable data on the reproductive success of these
cormorants and how this information aids in our understanding of ocean
conditions as they relate to seabird nesting off our shores. Join Audubon
members on Monday, February 15th at 7 pm at Fort Bragg Town Hall. The
meeting is open to the public at no charge, but a donation to offset the
cost of presenting programs is always welcomed.

For more information call 937-4463 or got to

Audubon programs are open and free to the public, though a small donation to
offset costs is always appreciated. Membership in your local Audubon
Society helps present programs like this and conduct educational activities
with our schools.

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