Bat Ma'am comes to Fort Bragg

Charlene McAllister

Bat Ma'am Comes to Fort Bragg

Monday, January 18, 2010- 7 PM -Fort Bragg Town Hall

Bats, far from being winged rats, are much maligned and misunderstood
creatures, often accused of leech-like behavior. More closely related to
primates, and with almost 1,000 species worldwide, bats account for a large
percentage of all mammals. Their order, Chiroptera, means "winged hand"
and when viewed in silhouette, their skeleton bears an uncanny resemblance
to humans.

Instead of falling victim to the negative stereotypes and misconceptions
that abound, Patricia Winters, aka "Bat Ma'am", chose to live with and learn
about bats. With losses of bats occurring at an alarming rate worldwide,
Winters sees them as "the canary in the coalmine". Bats are enormously
beneficial bug-busters, primary pollinators and seed distributors, therefore
killing bats amounts to serious planetary damage. For example, as vital
top predators 70% of bats eat insects, each catching an impressive 600
mosquitoes in an hour.

Want to learn more? Want to see bats up close? (Touching the bats will
not be allowed as only Bat Ma'am is licensed to handle these delicate
creatures). Don't miss the Audubon meeting and the chance to hear stories
and meet the rehabilitated bats that live with Ms. Winters. For more
information call 937-4463 or got to

Audubon programs are open and free to the public, though a small donation to
offset costs is always appreciated. Membership in your local Audubon
Society helps present programs like this and conduct educational activities
with our schools.

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