Mendocino Audubon Meeting

Charlene McAllister


Albatross and Penguins:The world through the Eyes of a Seabird

Monday November 16th 7:00 pm- Fort Bragg Town Hall
Mendocino Coast Audubon invites you to Join naturalist and popular
expedition leader, Ted Cheeseman, for a lecture exploring what it is to be a
seabird in the vast unforgiving desert of the open ocean. How is it that
albatross can fly 14,000 miles on a single feeding trip to bring home just
one meal for a chick? How can penguins thrive and raise chicks in the
world's harshest environments, but cannot survive in mild temperate waters?

Illustrated with images from worldwide travels with Cheesemans' Ecology
Safaris, Ted will tell stories of the new insight we have into the lives of
seabirds through recent science, especially GPS- telemetry. We are only now
learning about the truly magnificent lives of these penguins and albatross,
just as they face sharp declines at the hands of industrial fishing and
climate change. Ted frequently travels across the Southern Ocean to
Antarctica and to its sub- Antarctic islands, the heart of penguin and
albatross habitat. It is there that he will take you, on an entertaining and
educational journey diving with penguins and soaring with albatross, the
world's greatest mariners.

Ted's abiding love of penguins and albatross stems from a lifetime of
guiding travelers to remote seabird breeding colonies. He grew up traveling
extensively with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris, and began studying and
photographing wildlife very early. Just as Ted completed a master's degree
in tropical conservation biology at Duke University, the icy grip of the
Antarctic took hold of Ted's heart and he returned to his home state of
California to lead and organize expeditions.

Audubon meetings are open to the public at no charge, however a donation to
cover costs of these programs is always welcome. For further information
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