Red-winged Blackbirds/Timber Lake

Dave Woodward <dlwoodward@...>

On Friday 4/24/09 I visited Timber Lake at approx. 5080 ft. elev. on the southern slope of Snow Mtn in northern Lake County. The lake would better be described as a small tule pond. There were at least 4 male and 5 female Red-winged Blackbirds in the tules around the lake. Bryan McIntosh confirmed nesting by Red-winged Blackbirds at Timber Lake in 1994. I did not observe any behaviors to confirm nesting, but their continued presence suggests the possibility that they are long-term breeders at the lake.
Earlier this month on 4/5/09 I visited a small lake that has no official name at the low (west) end of the slides in the Blue Slides area near Snow Mtn. It is ringed by Ponderosa Pines, Douglas-Firs and live oaks and is in the drainage from the the southern slope of Snow Mtn. at approx. 3500 ft. elev. There were two male Wood Ducks and also one male and two female Mallards on the lake at that time.
Dave Woodward

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