April Audubon Program

Charlene McAllister



Rich Kuehn and Dean Schuler, residents of The Sea Ranch, have traveled to
relatively unknown Bhutan twice. They first visited in 2006 as part of an
Around the World Adventure; the second trip was one year ago with
Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris. On both trips, Hishey Tschering, the proud
owner of Bhutan Birding and Heritage Travels (www.bhutanheritage.com
<blocked::http://www.bhutanheritage.com/> )- arranged their tour and guided
them on their travels.

The Kingdom of Bhutan nestles between Tibet and India high in the majestic
eastern Himalayas. Never having been conquered by outsiders, it is renowned
as one of the planet's last unspoiled spots, a magical place with Buddhism
integrated into every aspect of daily life. The inhabitants themselves call
their country "Druk Yul": the land of the thunder dragon.

Most of Bhutan's original forest remains in 'old-growth' condition. The
Buddhist philosophy of respect for all living things results in a healthy
environment where wildlife flourishes. Ten species of birds that are in
danger of extinction reside in Bhutan, including the rare Black-necked Crane
and the Imperial Heron, which is one of the fifty rarest birds in the world.
It is also home to the endangered Golden Langur and other interesting

Please share the adventure with Richard Kuehn and Dean Schuler on April 13th
at 7:00 pm at the Gualala Art Center. Coffee and cookies will be
available. The program is open to the public and a $5.00 donation is
suggested. For further information call 937-4463 or go to

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