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Charlene McAllister

Mendocino Audubon Presents-The Veracruz River of Raptors

A river is an abundant stream or flow, and a raptor is a bird of prey. And
yes, it is a River of Raptors that passes overhead each fall in Mexico. The
central Veracruz area is host to one of the largest and most important
migration flyways in the world, and Pronatura Veracruz, one of the branches
of Pronatura, a Mexican NGO that promote environmental conservation and
preservation of biodiversity, dedicates a significant part of its efforts to
the monitoring of this special migration site. This raptor flyway is known
as the largest in the world, with over 4 million raptors belonging to 25
different species passing through each fall. Days of 50,000 are not rare,
and 700,000 a day can also occur!

Join Mendocino Coast Audbon members as they hear the stories and see the
pictures of this remarkable event. The speaker, Norma Ferriz was the
executive director of Pronatura Veracruz from 2002 to August 2007. Norma is
a biologist with a Master's in non profit organizations management and a
very enthusiastic bird watcher. This program is open to the public and
children are welcomed. The date is Monday February 16, 2009, the location
is College of the Redwoods, Room 300 and the meeting begins at 7 pm. For
further information see <blocked::http://www.mendocinocoastaudubon.org/>
www.mendocinocoastaudubon.org or call 964-6835. You can join Mendocino
Coast Audubon for $15.00 per year. Send a check to MCAS P.O. Box 2297, Fort
Bragg, CA 95437

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