Ross's, Snow, and Cackling Geese in Lakeport


Today there were 7 CACKLING GEESE, 1 SNOW GOOSE, and 1 ROSS'S GOOSE in
Lakeport just south of Willow Point/ north of the Vector Control
District Pier. Dave Woodward saw the snow goose and cackling geese,
but the Ross's goose flew off before he arrived. We took a few
marginal photos of the Ross's, and several good photos of the snow goose.

Other birds I've been seeing regularly off Esplanade in Lakeport
include SCAUP (usually too far off for me to confidently distinguish
Greater or Lesser), COMMON MERGANSERS (usually in flocks of 30-100),
BUFFLEHEADS, and RUDDY DUCKS. There have been some extremely large
feeding flocks of WHITE PELICANS visible from here over the last few
weeks (some over 600 individuals).

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