Southwest Clear Lake

Dave Woodward <dlwoodward@...>

Approximately 700 American White Pelicans are roosting near the
outlet of Manning Creek in the southwest corner of Clear Lake. In the
mornings, they swim and fly northward along the west shore of the lake
and feed in the shallows. The Threadfin Shad population in the lake is
low this year, but the shallows along the west shore are loaded up
with Inland Silversides and young-of-the year Sacramento Suckers.
Those species could be providing food for the pelicans. The best
places to see the pelicans would be by boat or at the south end of the
Esplanade off of S. Main St. in Lakeport where there is a beach area.
The beach is private property, but the lake is visible from the public
road. Several Cackling Geese have been hanging around the beach on the
Esplanade the past few days. In the past week there has been a
Peregrine Falcon working the southwest shore of Clear Lake, seen by
Jamie Scott, Terry Sanderson and by me on Nov. 16.
Dave Woodward

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