3 Ferruginous Hawks


I spent about 3 hours walking very slowly along Bald Hill Road north
of Fort Bragg Saturday morning and saw at least 3 Ferruginous Hawks.
At one point there were two on the west side of the road, with one
calling in flight, the other in a tree, while a third bird was
cruising the sky on the east side of the road. Other raptors included
one male and one female Northern Harrier, several Kestrels, and a
Red-tailed Hawk. I found one Cackling Goose among hordes of Canada
Geese, and had a brief look at a Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. Also
saw Meadow Larks, Red-winged Blackbirds, Savannah Sparrows (I think -
couldn't figure out anything else), lots of White-crowned Sparrows,
and one Marsh Wren. And one coyote. I watched it trying to catch
rodents (I think) and then it lay down next to a stump under a bush.

Then I went to Glass Beach just in time to see two Harlequin Ducks
before they dropped into the water and disappeared from view around
the rock. The rock they were on also hosted one Black Oystercatcher,
lots of Black Turnstones, a Brandt's Cormorant, and a Western Gull.

Very nice morning, except that I was sweltering in the wrong type of
clothing for what seemed like 80-degree weather on Bald Hill Road.


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