Cackling Goose/Lake County

Dave Woodward <dlwoodward@...>

This morning a Cackling Goose joined the flock of domestic geese
behind the Lake County Vector Control Office at 410 Esplanade in
downtown Lakeport. The goose was found by Jamie Scott and appears to
be of the Aluetian race.
Last week on 10/28/08 I drove onto the Lake County side of Sanhedrin
Mtn. There were two Sooty Grouse along the road to Tule Lake. One was
standing on the road about a mile west of Tule Lake. The other flew
out of the top of a Douglas-Fir just west of the lake. There were also
two Wild Turkeys at Towhead Flat, elevation 4030 ft.
Dave Woodward

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