3/11 Gualala Yellow-billed Magpie

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Begin forwarded message:

I spotted the bird at 9:15 AM Tuesday morning on the recyclable bins in the
parking lot next to Caldwell Banker Realty (just as you get into Gualala
from Sonoma County and on the East side of the street).

This is NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY. The general area sports a few spots where
garbage accumulates (behind Surf Super (across the street); beside Gualala
Super; all in the parking lot area. Also I suspect the motels in the area
put out a bit of refuse.)

I looked for other Yellow Billed Magpies but saw none.

I don't know what to say about describing the bird. Some birds are difficult
spots. This one was sitting on the backside of the garbage bin and was not
skiddish in the slightest. I suppose I was no more than 15 ft. away from it.
I was on my way to volunteer at PayNTake and immediately consulted the
National Geo. Birdbook that was for sale in their bookstore to confirm my

Feel free to post the sighting.

Joost Romeu

Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA 95482


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