Return of the Red Shoulders, Bob Keiffer, BW


I'd given up on "my" Red-shouldered Hawk nest (thought I'd scared them
off by watching one day) but we're in biz over here! Yes, it seems to
be a late year. I notice that the tree is only now leafy enough to
provide some cover, so maybe that factor overrode the light factor.
(Bob Keiffer explained to us the other day on the "Ecology of the Oak
Woodlands" field trip that the arrival of Orange-crowned Warblers
appears to coincide with the appearance of tassels on oak trees. That
was a great field trip. Thank you Bob!)

Jim, I also had a one-chick family that year, but the same pair had two
chicks that fledged successfully last year in a different, hard-to-see
nest. I wonder how many it will be this year.

For those of you who don't know it yet (I don't think I've mentioned
this here before), the current issue of Birder's World features my
Red-shouldered Hawk diary from spring 2005, with Jon Klein's incredible
photographs. One of Jon's photos is on the cover, and we have six pages
on the inside. The article got edited in half, so it's missing some of
the interesting hawk behavior, but it's still pretty exciting for me.


On Apr 2, 2007, at 3:50 PM, Jim Armstrong wrote:

At the same time Kate was "raising" her Red Shouldered Hawk chick(s)
two years ago, I had a one-baby family. They nested elsewhere last
year, but have been visiting their old nest this week.
If I recall all of the '05 chicks hatched in the last week of April,
putting this year's (at 33+/- days incubation) quite a bit behind.
Any others in some phase of nesting this year?

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