Lake Mendocino 26 Aug

George Chaniot

Fri, 26 Aug 2005 -- Lake Mendocino is still pretty much in its summer
aspect, but a few birds are starting to move in. Today there were two EARED
GREBES in the middle of the north end still in breeding plumage. At Pomo A
there was one adult BLACK-NECKED STILT on the shoreline. The last report
from USTP was of three stilts; could this be the fourth bird gone forth to
the lake? This is a new bird on my provisional list of Lake Mendocino birds
Summer loons are uncommon on inland waters, but I saw one on July 25,
possibly a Pacific Loon, two Common Loons near the dam on Aug 12, and today
a COMMON LOON near Miti campground.
There was also a single CASPIAN TERN flying near the dam.( Jim
Armstrong reports a flock of about 25 Caspian Terns on Aug 24 flying over a
house he is roofing in Potter Valley. I saw a similar flock when I was
roofing my house in Potter Valley on Aug 25, 2001. These flocks of Caspians
flying overland are turning out to be confined to a narrow time slot in
I heard PILEATED WOODPECKERS at three locations around the lake
today. I am also seeing them in my neighborhood flying into vineyards where
I suspect they are indulging their appetite for grapes.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

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