MCAS September Speaker

Charlene McAllister

Mendocino Coast Audubon is pleased to announce that the speaker for our
September 19, 2005 meeting will be Peter Pyle who will present:

The Great Trans-Pacific Migrations from Albatross to Turtles and Sharks to

The Pacific Ocean covers over 69 million square miles of, for the most

part, hostile territory for migrant animals. No place to land and little to

eat. Yet many species need to navigate these waters to take advantage of

seasonal food resources or protected areas to raise their young. Through

the advent of state-of-the art satellite tag technology we are discovering

some amazing things about how far these animals travel and the methods they

use to get there. Whereas north-to-south migrations are considered the

norm, there is a strong, here-to-fore unrecognized east-to-west component

to Pacific migrations. We'll travel from Siberia to Baja California, the

Gulf of the Farallones to Hawaii, and Indonesia to Point Reyes, in quest of

some of these great trans-Pacific migratory pathways.

For those not familiar with Peter, he has been working for the Institute for
Bird Populations since 1996. He attended Swarthmore College during the
1970's while working seasonally on the Hawaii and other Pacific Forest Bird
Surveys. Peter did an internship for PRBO's Palomarin and Farallon Island
Landbird Program in 1980 and in 1985 he became a biologist on the Farallon
Islands, a post he held until 2003. During this period and while splitting
time with IBP, Peter authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers
and three books. Among bird banders, he is best known for his
Identification Guide to North American Birds, Part 1, which includes
detailed criteria for ageing and sexing landbirds in the hand. He is
currently working on Part 2, which will cover waterbirds, raptors and

Monday, September 19, 2005 7:00 p.m. Caspar Community Center

For further information, call 937-1742 or 964-6362

Charlene McAllister
P.O. Box 332
Little River, CA 95456

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