buntings/hooded orioles, ash-throated flycatchers


I saw a singing male lazuli bunting and heard the female responding two days ago, further up Round Mountain Ranch road (on the way to Heartland).

2-3 pairs of hooded orioles at the entrance to Sunset View trailer park. At least one hooded oriole baby has fledged. I saw it looking very unsure of itself, taking tentative flights and cheeping.

Bullock's Oriole nest near the gate into Round Mountain Ranch, but babies have fledged. It's an unusual nest, because it's not deeply pendulous - more globular, 5 inches in diameter, made with a lot of "Spanish moss." Jon climbed a tree hoping for photos, but we think the birds seem to have fledged since i discovered it, which was three days ago. I'm sure there are more nests around because there are quite a few bullock's orioles around there. Also in that vicinity: lots of chipping sparrows, western kingbirds, western bluebirds, lesser goldfinches, a white-tailed kite, a three-legged coyote. Really good birding and wildlifing around there.

I'm going to be checking out a golden eagle nest site later this week or weekend. It's a good view with a scope from a friend's house. He hasn't looked this year (if you can believe that!) but has seen golden eagles flying in the vicinity. I'd appreciate the company of someone with a scope.

I've been hearing and seeing ash-throated flycatchers, cassin's vireos, hutton's vireos, kingbirds, here where I live, and am sure there are nests nearby for all of the above, in addition to the numerous acorn woodpecker nests. Also blue-grey gnatcatchers up the hill a bit.

Known to have already fledged: bushtits, California towhees, hooded orioles, bullock's orioles, white-breasted nuthatches, lesser goldfinches, pacific slope flycatchers, hutton's vireos, nuttall's woodpeckers.

As of Friday Anna's Hummingbird and Blue-grey gnatcatcher females were still sitting on their nests

Twice now I've heard nuttall's woodpeckers making a prolonged rattly chatter, much longer and more insistent than their usual short trillip. Once I investigated and a cat was coming down out of a tree in the vicinity, but yesterday I saw now sign of predator. These birds have a buffy-brown area right above their bills (foreheads), which I've never seen before. For days I just been assuming they were juveniles, but now that I look my books show that brown only on Ladderbacks... I have a call in to Chuck to ask about that.

Has anyone ever heard of birds nesting in hollowed out oak galls? Not sure, didn't have time to study. Wondering about chipping sparrows...

Oh, Chuck Vaughn told me he's never seen anything but kites nest in mistletoe, but I saw a nest that looked more like the size of a jay or crow's nest in mistletoe the other day. Any thoughts on that? What does a kite's nest look like?

I know I'm forgetting some interesting items. I'm so nest-obsessed this year I can't keep track of it all!


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