Lake County

Frances Oliver <hummer52@...>

Forwarded from Ed Pandofino:

Yesterday Frances Oliver and I visited Lake County. Nothing spectacular to
report but we had good passerine diversity (e.g., every species of 'western'
warbler except Townsend's and Wilson's and all three vireos along Elk Mtn Rd)
despite winds and occasional drizzles.

Best bird was a PROBABLE COMMON TERN off-shore at Lakeport. Just too far
away for me to be 100% certain.

Also had PURPLE MARTINs along Red Hills Road, YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT just
south of the Elk Mtn Road bridge over the Eel River (west of Lake Pillsbury). A
couple MacGillivray's Warblers were also in this vicinity. A calling ROCK WREN
above the Clear Lake Landfill site and YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDs at the marsh
off Robin Hill Dr. near the NW corner of the lake. More YH Blackbirds at
Borax Lake.

Ed Pandolfino

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