Fort Bragg Pelagic Trip

Charlene McAllister

Mendocino Coast Audubon Society Pelagic Trip

May 22nd, 8am-3pm.

$80.00 for non-members ($70.00 for members)

A few spaces still remain for this trip out of Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg.
In late May, sightings should include many Sooty Shearwaters, some
Pink-Footed Shearwaters, and many Black-Footed Albatrosses. Laysan
Albatross is also possible There is a good chance to see any one of 3
species of Storm-Petrels (Fork-Tailed, Leach's, Ashy). Among the Alcids, we
should see Common Murres, Pigeon Guillemot, Cassin's Auklets, and perhaps
Marbled Murrelets and Tufted Puffins close to shore. Red Phalaropes may
still be around. There can be at least 5 species of dolphins possible, plus
several species of whales and pinnepeds.

But the special draw of any pelagic birding trip is the possibility of the
unexpected appearance of an out-of-range visitor flying in from
who-knows-where (Tasmania is not impossible), perhaps lingering to be
admired and exclaimed over, before disappearing into the vast sky.

For further information: Call Toby at 707-964-6216

To reserve a space contact Ginny Wade

Charlene McAllister
P.O. Box 332
Little River, CA 95456

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