Re: Hooded Oriole in Potter Valley?

George Chaniot

Thu, 21 Jun 2001 -- Yesterday I did a search along Gibson Lane in Potter
Valley where Matt Williams reported a Hooded Oriole last weekend. I found a
first-summer male HOODED ORIOLE in some Eucalyptus trees at 9425 Gibson
Lane between Hawn Creek Road and Powerhouse Road - the same place where I
had seen and heard a suspicious oriole while I was jogging on June 11, and
about 0.3 mi. from the vineyard where Matt saw one on 17 June. The bird was
completely yellow underneath with a black throat, decurved bill, and long
tail. He ranged to some poplar trees to the west and far into the pear
orchard to the north. There were also Bullock's Orioles in the same
Eucalyptus trees and several adults feeding dependent juveniles along this
stretch of Gibson Lane. Today I went back but did not find a HOOR.
The presence of a Hooded Oriole in this area over a period of a
week in mid June suggests that there may be nesting nearby. All of the
other Hooded Orioles that I have seen in Mendocino Co. have been associated
with palm trees (Stewart St, Fort Bragg; Colonial Inn, Fort Bragg; Pomo
Drive, Ukiah; East Road, Talmage). There are no palm trees nearby on Gibson
Lane and only one small one that I know of in Potter Valley at the corner
of Main Street and West Road about 1.5 mi away. -- George Chaniot

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