Continueing USTP Avocets

Matthew Matthiessen <matthima@...>

Took a break from work this morning (Tuesday May 29) at 0800 and ran
over to the USTP to see if the avocets were still there. It only took a
few seconds of scoping to find the two AMERICAN AVOCETS reported on the
26th (thanks Chuck). Also present were a flock of seven WHITE-FACED
IBIS. Both species were on the north pond. The avocets were fairly
cooperative so I attempted to photograph them. When I finished
photographing the avocets, the ibis (ibises?) were gone. I never heard
or saw them leave so I don't know which direction the flew. However the
mudflats are fairly extensive so they might return. The avocets were
still in place when I left at 0845.

Good Birding
Matthew Matthiessen

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