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The Edgar A. Mearns Bird Club is based in Orange County, New York, which is part of the Hudson–Delaware region (region 9) of the New York State Ornithological Association.

In 2005, Ajit Antony created the Mearns Yahoo! Groups website/email discussion list to facilitate communication between Mearns Club members. The group was moved to Groups.io in October 2019. You don't have to be a member of the Mearns Club to participate in the Groups.io group, but we encourage you to join this active club, which has members at all skill levels and conducts frequent birding field trips in and around Orange County.

Annual club dues are as follows: $20 for individuals, $30 per family, and $8 for students. To join the club, send a check (made payable to E.A. Mearns Bird Club) to club treasurer Linda Strohl at 8 Park Road, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577, along with a membership form, which is available here. For information, you can email her at strohlin@frontiernet.net or call her at 845-496-3021. There is no charge to attend our field trips or monthly meetings.

You can find a schedule of field trips on the group calendar (as well as here). The Files and Database sections include a great deal of useful information, including articles on bird identification, information about where to bird in Orange County (also available in the Birding Areas section here), the latest Orange County checklist, club and county birding records, and much, much more. These features are available only to members of the Mearns Groups.io group.

If you have questions about or suggestions for the Mearns Groups.io group, please send an email to the group owner at mearnsbirdclub@gmail.com.

Cover image (Yellow Warbler) by Alan Wells

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