This monthly message is sent automatically to all members of the Martin 24x Fleet eMail List. Most of this message will remain unchanged from month to month. Additions to this information will be dated and appended to the end.

This list is for discussions relating to topics of interest to the Martin 24x Fleet. Members who wish to discuss items of interest that are not related to the purpose of this list are requested to place the letters "OT" at the beginning of the "Subject" to indicate the message is "off-topic". 

For many members of this list, sailing is a family affair. Profanity and/or personal attacks against other members of the list are not acceptable. 

Please consider whether your response is appropriate to the list at large or only a specific individual when you send responses or follow-ups to postings on our list and address your response accordingly. By default, if you reply-to a message on the list, your reply will be sent to all list members.

Along the same line, please edit your replies to the list to remove portions of the original message that are not related to your reply. A perfect example is a reply to a 100-line message with, "I agree", and including the entire message in the reply! Remember, there are still people on this list that connect to the Internet with VERY SLOW connections.

There may be acronyms used at the beginning of the subject line in certain messages. Here is the list of suggested acronyms that might be used. If there are others that should be added, let me know and I'll include them.

OT - Off-Topic
FS - For Sale
WTB - Want To Borrow or Buy

If you have any suggestions or comments about the operation of this list, please contact the moderator listed below.

Thank You,

Rock Kent,
Moderator, Martin 24x Fleet Group on

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